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La SSGm renforce la géomorphologie en tant que science et dans l’application. Elle soutient les jeunes chercheurs et favorise les relations avec les sciences connexes et l'administration publique.

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Excursion of the Swiss Young Geomorphologists (SGmS)


09:00 - 16:00

Lieu de l'événement


Management of natural risks in Fribourg

Flyer Excursion Young Geomorphologists 2022

In February, the Young Geomorphologists representatives propose an excursion in and around the city of Fribourg. Geologists and engineers from the company Geotest will accompany us to discuss about stakeholders in the management of natural risks. This excursion aims to give some insight on the application of the fields of geomorphology and geology for society from the perspective of different stakeholders.

From the Gottéron valley to the medieval town of Fribourg, we will have the opportunity to discuss the assessement of hazards and risks, as well as the measures taken to mitigate and monitor natural risks based on case studies.




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  • Géologie
  • Géomorphologie
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  • Érosion/Instabilité des pentes
Langues : Anglais, Allemand, Français