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Excursion of the Swiss Young Geomorphologists (SGmS)


09:30 - 16:00

Luogo della manifestazione

Sion, Valais

The 3rd Rhone correction: river management in a complex socio-environmental context

Vignette Excursion Young Geomorphologists 2023

The Young Geomorphologists 2023 winter excursion will take place on the banks of the Rhone River (Valais), which is the object of Switzerland's largest flood protection project: the 3rd Rhone correction. Today, in the event of a major flood, the damage is estimated at around CHF 15 billion and about 100,000 people live and work in the danger zone. After major floods that occurred in 1987, 1993 and 2000, the Governments of Vaud and Valais adopted in 2016 the 3rd Rhone correction development plan, which aims to reinforce the safety of the plain through three types of measures: reinforcement of the dykes, lowering and widening of the river bed.

While anticipatory measures have already been implemented in Visp, further construction work is now being prepared in several sectors of the floodplain. During a one-day excursion along the Rhone in the central Valais, we will discuss some of the main issues related to the 3rd Rhone correction with Rudolf Pesch, the head of the Rhone and Leman section of the Canton du Valais. We will also discuss some results of the research project FluidGov - Towards a “fluid” governance: hydrosocial analysis of flood paradigms and management practices in Rhone and Ganges basins.

Programme of the excursion

Registration until 15 March 2023


  • Geomorfologia
  • Gestione
  • Governance
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