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Excursion of the Swiss Young Geomorphologists (SGmS)

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Changing alpine landscapes and its effects on the evolution of mountaineering


After almost a year with limited activities and gatherings, the Young Geomorphologists representatives felt the need to create an opportunity to meet, enjoy the autumn light in the mountains and discuss about geomorphology!

In September, the Young Geomorphologists representatives propose a two-day excursion to explore the geomorphological curiosities of the Arolla region (Valais) with Dr. Christophe Lambiel (UNIL - Institute of Earth Surface Dynamics), but also to discuss the effects of a changing landscape on the practice of mountaineering with Dr. Jacques Mourey ((UNIL - Interdisciplinary Center for Mountain Research). From Arolla – passing through the Pas de Chèvres and resting at the cabane des Dix – to the Grande Dixence dam, we will have the opportunity to experience the glacial and periglacial geomorphology through an interdisciplinary approach.


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