Member of SCNAT

SGmS strengthens geomorphology as a science and its application. It supports young researchers and promotes relations with related sciences and public administration.

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Considering the special interest of its members and in response to the present day problems and the science politics the Swiss Geomorphological Society emphasizes:

  • investigations related to the development and history of landscape
  • investigations on the nature and properties of Earth surface processes
  • geomorphological mapping

Scientific results are also used in an interdiciplinary context for:

  • environmental impact assessment
  • evaluation of land-use potentials in various environments
  • assessment of natural hazards
  • assessment of geomorphosites

Further activities of the society include:

  • promotion of young researchers (e.g. financial travel support to research congresses). For more details see >Promotion
  • public outreach activites (e.g. organisation of courses for teachers, preparation of teaching resources covering geomorphological topics)