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SGmS strengthens geomorphology as a science and its application. It supports young researchers and promotes relations with related sciences and public administration.

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The Swiss Geomorphological Society (SGmS) was founded in 1946 by a Geomorphological Working Group at the University of Basel. Today’s 200 members come from a wide range of disciplines, from universities, administration and also from private companies. The SGmS is a member society of the Swiss Academy of Science (SCNAT), of the Swiss Association of Geographers (ASG), and of the International Association of Geomorphologists (IAG).

The Swiss Geomorphological Society invigorates geomorphology in science and practice, through the support of young scientists at universities, and by fostering relationships with associated scientific fields and the public services.

Geomorphologists study processes, forms, materials and evolution of landscapes at Earth's surface. In the context of global change, geomorphologists develop and promote the understanding of natural processes in geosystems and the relationships between societies and nature.

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